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CHEM 116

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Merck Index REF RS 51 .M4 2006

The Merck Index: An Encyclopedia of Chemicals, Drugs, and Biologicals, 14th ed.; O'Neal, M.J., Ed.; Merck & Co.: Whitehouse Station, NJ, 2006; entry #.

An encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs and biologicals. Each entry includes the Chem Abstracts name, alternative names, molecular weight, percentage composition, molecular formula, patent & chemical information, literature references, biological, pharmacological information, structure diagram, physical data, derivative of the compound, trademarks and therapeutic category for humans. The index also contains miscellaneous tables, organic name reactions, CAS registry numbers, and a formula and name.

Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR)

A trustworthy, objective of source of valid information on the rapidly evolving field of medicine. Each entry includes a list of trade names, a description (often with chemical structure!), actions, reaction/interactions, and side effects.

  • PDR for prescription medications REF RS 75.P5 2016
    • PDR, 70th ed.; Tonelli, J.T. Ed.; PDR, LLC.: Montvale, NJ, 2016; pp .
  • PDR for Nutritional Supplements REF RM 258.5 .H46 2008
    • PDR for Nutritional Supplements, 2nd ed.; editor name, Ed.; publisher.: place of publication, year; pp .

Sample ACS citation - online encyclopedia

Clonazepam. In Epilepsy A to Z: A Concise Encyclopedia; Demos Medical Publishing, New York, NY, 2009.