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Mikkelsen Madness - Book Battle

Book BattleCelebrate reading by participating in our annual Mikkelsen Madness Book Battle!

The battle is set up as single elimination tournament consisting of 64 books (very similar to the NCAA men and women's Final Four tournament). Books are nominated by students, faculty and staff and then sorted into "regions."

Once the book bracket is announced, students and staff have 2 weeks to fill out their bracket and turn it in at the library or submit it online. The "games" begin after Spring Break. Each round consists of 3 days of voting. The book with the most votes in each "game" will move on to the next round. At the end of 6 rounds, the book battle champion will be announced. Past winners include Becoming (2019)Book Thief (2018), Ninety Eighty Four (2017), Lord of the Rings (2016), and Harry Potter (2015).

Prizes are awarded at the end of each round for best bracket (highest percentage of correct selections) and a random drawing for those who voted.