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Critical Thinking & Online Teaching

An Introduction

Online Course Development - Critical Thinking

The integration of critical thinking or "higher level thinking" activities into your online course will increase student engagement and increase the academic rigor of your course.

This guide will provide an introduction of the concept, suggested readings, and sample activities that you might consider as you begin your design.

How is critical thinking defined in online courses?

According to Bonk and Reynolds (1997), to promote higher-order thinking on the Web, online learning must create challenging activities that enable learners to link new information to old, acquire meaningful knowledge, and use their metacognitive abilities; hence, it is the instructional strategy and not the technology that influences the quality of learning.
~ from "Foundations of educational theory for online learning" in Theory and Practice of Online Learning by Mohamed Ally

The above graphic is released under a Creative Commons Attribution license by Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching. 

Suggested Readings