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3D Printing: How to Print

A guide to 3D printing in Media Services.

Prepare Your File

  • Save or export from your modeling program as either an .stl or .obj file. If your program doesn’t offer either format, there are a number of free options, such as Tinkercad or Meshlab

Submit Print Request

  • Fill out the PDF form (see the link at the top of this box), sign it and send it to or bring it to Media Services.
  • Visit Media Services and have a staff member open your model file in our Cura software. Many potential problems will be evident at that time and can be fixed while you are here. We can also estimate how long it will take to print the model, and how much it will cost.
    If you cannot come in person, email the file to or send a link to the file from Google Drive
  • A member of the Media Services staff will email you to let you know your item was received, a price and time estimate, and if there are problems with the model file. If there are problems, you can resubmit the file after the repairs are made, or come to Media Services and have our staff help you make the changes.
  • Respond that you agree to the price quoted and that you want the item printed.
  • We will put your item in the queue to be printed.

Pick up Model

  • Your item will be available for pick up on weekdays in Media Services from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. You may make arrangements with Media Services staff to pick it up at the main circulation desk whenever the library is open. You will be asked to pay for the item in cash at the time you pick it up. We do not have the ability to charge your student account.

Contact Us

Media Services
Lower level of Mikkelsen Library
Open weekdays: 7:45 am - 6:00 pm
Phone - 605.274.4920
Email -