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3D Printing: Modeling Software and Tutorials

A guide to 3D printing in Media Services.

Modeling Software

     Create, modify, and share 3D models 

     Free online editor. One unique feature is the ability to import vector graphics and turn them into 3D objects

     3D modeling and animation program for Windows and Mac. There are lots of helpful tutorials and examples on the website.

     Open-source program for processing 3D models (useful in preparation of files for 3D printing)

     A free web-based service that processes and repairs stl files to prepare them for 3D printing

Free Autodesk software for students!
     Students can obtain a FREE 3-year license for a variety of Autodesk software. The website also has links to design a manual, tutorials and a collection of 3D models made by the Autodesk community and offered for use with Creative Commons licensing. 

                   Tinkercad 3D Modeling Software

Tips and Tutorials


How to: Use Tinkercad Design Software 101
     MatterHackers Youtube Channel

Keyboard shortcuts for the Tinkercad Editor
     (from the 
Tinkercad blog)
Tinkercad Quests
     Introductory interactive tutorials 
How to 3D print a vector file using Tinkercad

Blender tutorials and courses
     Learn the essential techniques and workflows 

Sketchup Learning Center 

Self-paced tutorials to instructor-led courses

3D Modeling Communities and More

Thingiverse - From Makerbot
hare free printable 3D model designs